7.1. Setup the Fedora Security Lab

The setup of the Fedora Security Lab can be done by several ways.

7.1.1. Live media

There are two different Live images available of the Fedora Security Lab. Those images can be used to create physical CDs or Live USB key.

For further information please check the Making Media section in the Fedora Installation Guide.

7.1.2. comps Package group


This work only on Fedora 19 and beyond.

You have a default Fedora installation and want all Fedora Security Lab packages installed, you can use the groupinstall feature of yum.

$ sudo yum groupinstall security-lab

7.1.3. Ansible playbook

The fsl.yml playbook contains all packages which are included in the Fedora Security Lab.

Add all your hosts to /etc/ansible/hosts to the [fsl_hosts] group. Then run the playbook.

$ sudo ansible-playbook fsl.yml -f 10