4.4. Web servers

Every type of web server has its purpose and its unique fingerprint. To give the students the feeling of the real world, various web servers are running. They don’t serve content, they are just lurking around for fingerprinting and bannergrabbing. The following web server are available.

To run all web servers on one machine it’s needed that they use different ports. Table below shows the ports and the assigned web server.

Port Server
80 lighttpd
8000 droopy
8008 cherokee
8080 tomcat
8800 apache
8808 nginx
8880 pywebserve
8888 http-server
8889 mongoose
8887 darkhttpd
8886 flask

At the moment most web servers don’t support https. This is a task for the future. The only web server with SSL support on the FSL Test bench is nginx.